A Renewed People's Park

This project will build housing for the unhoused, create urgently needed, below-market student apartments, and preserve green community park space.

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In 2017, UC Berkeley announced this groundbreaking housing and open space revitalization project for People's Park that's unlike anything at any other university in California—or the world. After extensive public engagement and rigorous environmental review, this transformative project for People's Park is ready to begin construction in 2022.

Our Commitment to Unhoused People in the Park

We are committed to providing better solutions for unhoused people than sleeping outdoors in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. We have heard the voices of those who advocate for their interests: We will proceed with construction only after having a plan in place that will offer access to shelter and services to the 40-50 people currently sleeping in the park. This is consistent with the campus's current commitments and efforts. We are donating land at the park for the construction of new housing for unhoused people. We employ a full-time social worker whose sole focus is the needs and interests of unhoused people in the park. He has successfully found permanent housing for more than 80 households. We are committed to doing all we can for those that will accept our support.

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