Revitalized green park space for the enjoyment of all.

Rendering: Dwight Way Entrance

Landscape elements will be incorporated into the design to commemorate the site’s storied history, from land originally inhabited by native peoples thousands of years ago, to turn-of-the-century residential housing development, and through the 1960s and the subsequent creation of a park, to today.

Image: LMS Architects / Hood Design Studio

More than 60% of the 2.8-acre site will be preserved as open space and revitalized into a renewed public park space that reinforces the site's history.

Along Bowditch Street, the building is set back and lifted to create the pastoral Gardens + Grove with views to the neighboring historic buildings and the houses to the south. The footprint of the gardens mimics the lot lines of houses that stood here from the early-1900s until the 1960s. The gardens will incorporate colorful native plantings and a lush grove of trees. The Gardens + Grove offers entry, looking through to a central sylvan glade.

Many of these trees will be preserved from the current park, in addition to new native trees that will be planted.

The People's Park Glade is a central, sunny meadow with plantings, pathways, and passive use areas that reinforce the park's public presence. Wide, southern-facing exposures maximize daylight and minimize shadows, creating a sunny and ideal space for recreation and relaxation.

A portico connects the Gardens + Grove with the People's Park Glade and creates an opportunity for art and commemoration, along with elements incorporated into the landscape experience and building context.

Rendering: The Central Glade

The Central Glade is a sunny meadow with plantings, pathways, and passive use areas -- an ideal space for students and the community to gather, relax, and socialize.

Revitalized green space that is open to all.

Ample outdoor lighting will illuminate the park at night. Accessible walkways will bring people through the park, rather than around it.

Entrances to the student and supportive housing buildings and ground-floor common areas with large windows will further activate the park throughout the day and at night.

The landscape will be an integral part of the commemoration program that recognizes the many historic chapters that, together, comprise the legacy of this site.

People's Park Housing: Landscape Plan

1.7-Acres of Open, Green Community Park Space

Rendering: Aerial View of the Central Glade

More than 60% of the site is preserved as community green space, many trees will be preserved, and many more native plantings will be added.

Rendering: Aerial view of Dwight Way entrance to the Central Glade

Revitalized green space with commemoration of the past: Landscape elements will be incorporated into the design to commemorate the site’s storied history.