Healthy grab-and-go market with indoor/outdoor seating.

There will be an emphasis on healthy foods and convenience.

The market will be on the ground floor of the student housing building, at the corner of Haste and Bowditch Streets. Since every apartment features a full kitchen with major appliances, the market will provide students with readily available healthy ingredients. Our goal is to provide students easy access to ingredients that enable them to prepare and cook healthy meals every day.

The market will also emphasize convenience. In addition to the basics for preparing meals, there will also be a selection of healthy prepared meals that students can grab as they depart for, and return from, busy days on campus. A pick-up window will also support mobile orders.

There will be indoor seating as well as an adjacent outdoor seating area. There will be a patio that empties out into the new park space that will be a tranquil place for students to eat their meals, study under the trees, gather and socialize, and build community.

Residents of the student housing will also have an option to purchase a meal plan for campus dining halls, including Crossroads that is located just one block away.

The market will be operated by the campus. There are no contracted out services.

All of the student housing and its associated spaces, including the market, will be operated and maintained by represented university employees that earn benefits and a living wage.

Rendering: Market with indoor/outdoor seating.
Image credit: 
LMS Architects / Hood Design Studio