Full-time social worker to assist unhoused people near campus.

We have heard the voices of those who advocate for the interests of unhoused people: We will continue to fund a full-time social worker to service the needs and interests of unhoused people near campus.

This is consistent with the campus’s current commitments and efforts. We are committed to providing better solutions for unhoused people than sleeping outdoors in unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

Since July 2017, the campus has employed a full-time social worker whose sole focus has been the needs and interests of unhoused people in and around the park.

Through our social worker's efforts, as of January 2024:

  • More than 200 households have found permanent housing solutions.
  • 50+ more households are currently on the permanent supportive housing queue and/or have housing opportunities that are in-process.

Now that we have a plan in place to offer housing and shelter for every unhoused individual at People's Park, we will broaden our efforts to assist the City of Berkeley and the larger unhoused community near our campus.

Every day our social worker and interns are helping people connect with the support and services they need -- and this will continue after construction begins.

Every week our social worker, facilities manager, and director of local government and community relations meet with city and civic leaders to coordinate and improve efforts to meet the needs of unhoused people in the neighborhoods surrounding the campus.

I try to do my best every day. I have a deep appreciation for people trusting me and inviting me into their worlds and their journeys. I don’t take this lightly and see it as a precious gift and true honor.
Ari Neulight, UC Berkeley's full-time social worker